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XFL Case Study In just one season, the XFL turned from idea to failure. While there are many reasons to failure, I believe the lack of talent and leadership, being a fox in relationship to the hedgehog concept, as well as positioning, were the main issues. Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWFE and XFL showed very few level 5 leadership characteristics. He was very loud and attention-loving, always taking responsibility for the success of his company. He showed very little personal humility or professional will. When creating the XFL, McMahon followed the what first, then who mentality. He created rules, teams, and a general attitude of the league and broadcasts before having any players, coaches, owners, or announcers in place.…show more content…
The XFL’s partnership with NBC was a severe positioning mistake. The network’s primetime audience was a steadily aging, urban, well educated group. Viewer’s median salary was $60,000 and no other network had as many viewers with income over $75,000 as NBC. They had strength in sitcoms and drama, staying away from reality shows. Sporting events included golf, the Olympics, and Wimbledon – all appealing to the middle to upper class. The XFL’s brand was the complete opposite of the network’s brand. WWF fans were offensive, degrading young males (12-34), resembling the cartoon nature of the sport. They were drawn to the sexuality, aggressive commentary, and individual characters that the XFL was producing. XFL team logos and names were even chosen by 13-16 year old male focus groups. On the other hand, NFL fans were primarily older (over 35), male, and middle class. They believed in rules and structure, team play and being able to take sides. Football fans quickly took offense to the raunchy happenings of the XFL and the boring on-field performances. Rules were changed week after week, showing no consistency. Announcers were unknowledgeable, angering fans who tuned in to hear professional commentary. There was a reason why Las Vegas was the only successful team when it came to the XFL. It was “sin city,” a place where the image of the league was portrayed. Football fans wanted to see good

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