Xin Niuyue: A Bustling Metropolis Built on the Ruins of New York City

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Xin Niuyue (Newer York), is a bustling metropolis built on the ruins of New York City. During the late 21st century, NYC deteriorated due to the hubris of mankind and the continued overexploitation of natural resources. It became nothing more than a desolate wasteland. Following its demise the UN rebuilt the city to its former glory and renamed it Xin Niuyue, conforming to the UN’s primary language - Mandarin Chinese. NYC is a low-lying city located on three islands at the mouth of the Hudson River. Its coastal location makes for an incredibly dense population. Even though all the cars, buses, and trains were supposed to be making the transportation system better, they did not. The engineers of the city decided to solve NYC’s road…show more content…
Xin Niuyue is powered by a massive fusion reactor, which is vastly more efficient and productive than the fission reactors of today. When deuterium and tritium gain enough energy to fuse into helium, they release ample amounts of heat energy. Fission occurs when an atom splits, discharging energy and dangerous radiation. The possibility of a meltdown makes it very unpopular among citizens. Fusion is a very sustainable source of power that needs only the two hydrogen isotopes to work. The power for our city is distributed using the WWS, World Wireless System. A tall specialized tower, similar to a radio tower, placed next to a fusion plant, distributes the power worldwide, wirelessly. When a passenger is entering or exiting, portions of the barriers will slide up into the rest of the barrier. This barrier is made of several layers of Plastic Steel®, a light, but durable material. NYC is very unsafe for pedestrians due to the surplus of vehicles on the roads. In our city, roads will be replaced by Maglev tracks, and pedestrians will be able to walk across them safely. We get rid of the risk of the track pulling you down, due to its composition of very strong magnets, by having anti-magnets that will negate the effects of the track. Our many solutions create a safe and accessible environment to people of all ages , as the maglevs are within reach anywhere in the city, everyone can use them at almost any time. Nearly all of the personal transit from
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