Xmgt/216 Business Ethics Across Culture Article Review

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Business Ethics Across Culture Article Review Matthew Todd XMGT/216 June 2, 2012 Mike Ishmael Business Ethics Across Culture Article Review The first article I would like to elaborate on would be one about business ethics in Singapore. This country has the reputation of being very strict in nature and sometimes unforgiving in the consequences that they often give to people. Over time they have loosened their grip on social matters but still seem to be strict in their manners of business. They follow through with business transactions and promote all around good ethics in business as a normal practice. This article explained the results of a survey that was completed in January 2010, by companies that were members of the Singapore…show more content…
They believe nepotism is a positive thing, and they take pride in employing someone that they know and trust. When guests are invited into their homes they treat them like royalty and wait on them hand and foot. The Dominican people take a lot of pride in their appearance, and wearing nice clothes is a sign of success and social pride. Designer labels from the U.S. are the ones of choice and are looked upon as a sign of success when they are worn. Business attire for men is a dark colored suit, and for woman it is a business suit or dress, and should look respectable with jewelry and make-up. They greet each other with handshakes and always keep eye contact with people when they communicate because it is a sign of honesty and interest. Networking in the Dominican Republic is extremely important when it comes to business so that you can meet more people that can further your career and standard of living, often times who you know is more important than what you know. When scheduling times for a business meeting it often needs to be 2-3 weeks in advance. Punctuality is important in business and you are expected to be there on time for a meeting. When it comes to other social events punctuality is somewhat relaxed in nature. When arrived at the meeting everyone introduces them selves and exchanges their business cards. Always take good care of the business cards you receive and put them in a business card holder. This shows respect for the card,
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