Xml Pdf : A Format For Documents

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XML is popular as a format for documents as well as databases. Many applications use XML files to store their configuration, and rely on it for remote procedure calling services like XML-RPC and SQL to format the messages that they exchange using XML. XML’s structure allows it to be tested to ensure that it 's both well-formed and valid in a standardized, programmatic like fashion in order to take a lot of the reading and modifying of the data file off of the application developer when he or she is writing a program. XML might need to be integrated with a relational database. The structured operability of XML makes it a good choice for use with a data interchange format. As an example let 's imagine that a company routinely receives inventory information from a supplier. That information might be stored in something like an Oracle database on a server in the supplier 's system but may need to be imported into a database such as an Access database when the company receives it. XML would make a good intermediate format for the data because of it 's easy to write programs that import and export all the data and because, by using XML the data can be used in future applications that would require it as well. Another example might be a service like Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo finance is a web site that provides financial information, including stock quotes, stock exchange rates, international market data, and much more. Consumers can receive financial data in XML format from Yahoo!
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