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Xpresso Lube’s Service Package • Supporting Facility • Facilitating Goods • Information • Explicit Services • Implicit Services Xpresso Lube’s Distinctive Service Characteristics * Intangibility * Perishability * Heterogeneity * Simultaneity * Customer Participation in the Service Process Xpresso Lube’s Service Classification * Nature of the service act * Relationship with customers * Customization and judgement * Nature of demand and supply * Method of service delivery Xpresso Lubes service package * Core-Oil Change (“Quick oil/ Lube”) * Additional-cost & time, Large & equipped waiting room, coffee bar, Transportation Distinctive characteristics of a service firm…show more content…
This would cost additional money for set-up. Chosen Alternative Charlie’s concept to merge espresso and oil changes is an innovative idea. He has combined two things he likes to do. However, he needs to include his other passion, the coffee plantation. By utilizing a product that he produces himself he will increase his profit margin. Development of Plan Action Needed Action By Timeline Research guidelines for exporting out of Costa Rica Xpresso Lube Secretary 1 Week Research Import regulations Xpresso Lube Secretary 1 Week Open feed back Charlie Green, Financial Advisor, Secretary 2 weeks Choose a plan to Import/ Export Coffee Charlie Green 1 Week Test the plan All employee’s 6 Months Approval of the Plan Charlie Green 4 Weeks Alternative In the event that Importing/Exporting his own coffee from his plantation is too costly, Charlie could continue purchasing his coffee from his current supplier and promote his coffee plantation to the supplier he already gets his coffee from. This may increase business for the plantation and in the long run still provide revenue for both businesses. References Fitzsimmons, James A. & Fitzsimmons, Mona J. (2008). Service Management Operations, Strategy, Information Technology. New York: Mc

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