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XS Energy Marketing Plan Erin Moller Bryant Johnson Sam Kunjummen Megan Victorson Bryant Johnson Erin Moller Sam Kunjummen Megan Victorson University of Minnesota-Duluth . . . . . . . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Business Summary 1 Mission Statement History of XS Energy Growth of the Business Market Potential PRODUCTS 2 13 Flavors of XS Energy Drinks Situational Analysis 3 Internal Strengths and Weaknesses External Opportunities and Threats MARKET ANALYSIS 4 Target Market Identification Market Demographics Product Market Grid MARKETING STRATEGIES 5 Product Strategy Price Strategy Promotion Strategy Distribution Strategy FINANCIAL SUMMARY 6 Cost…show more content…
Over 55,000 cases were sold within the first three weeks of distributing through IBO’s. According to BevNET, within the first year of business with Quixtar, XS Energy Drink became the second best selling energy drink in North America. They have shown their potential to make a bold statement in a constantly growing market, not only in the U.S., but also in world markets. January 2003 – XS launches in Canada January 2004 – XS launches in Australia and New Zealand January 2005 – XS launches in United Kingdom Growth of the Business Within the first year, XS Energy did over $51 million in revenue, over $70 million in the second year, and by the third year they had made more than $90 million in revenue. Usually in the growth stage of the business, revenues are fairly low because of production costs, but since this market has such high demand XS Energy had no problem attaining large revenues. According to current reports from the company, IBO’s sell approximately one million cans every six days, which is quite a leap from the 660,000 that were sold in the first three weeks (XSBlast.com). XS Energy understands the need for varying products and tries to keep up with their consumers by creating a new flavor every 6 to 12 months. Their latest flavor is XS Gold, which is not only a new flavor, but also a new category of drinks for XS. Reported sales in 2007 were

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