Xymos Research Paper

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On what’s known to be “Day one”, in the book, Jack is out and about shopping for some placemats. He was the “stay at home dad” in the book, ever since he had lost his computer-related job, in which he was exceptionally successful. After learning his boss was cheating on his wife, and also stealing work from the company to sell, he tells a board member, who was in on the deal. He instantly gets fired and marked as an awful employee who was part of the scheme, this being so no one else would hire him.Adding onto that, his attorney, and friend, had told him to leave as quick as he could, but he ignored this. However, his wife, Julia, is Vice President of another computer-related company name Xymos. As Julia becomes to get more involved in her job, Jack realizes her growing away from not only him, but the rest of their family, too. Of course he thought this was an affair, but later on he realizes it was her becoming excessively involved in a project at work. Continuing on, Xymos, Julia’s company, has a contract in which they must produce airborne cameras and since large cameras are often shut down, they decide to make tiny micro-sized cameras. These cameras are designed to “swarm”…show more content…
They then discover that Julia and Ricky are serving as hosts who intended to infect Jack and Mae.The two, Jack and Mae, find a virus that can attack the bacteria, hoping to eliminate the swarm. They manage to introduce the virus to those serving as hosts and escape as the plant explodes from overheating and built-up methane gas. Later, Jack goes home to infect the children with the virus, hoping it will eliminate any of the nano-cameras that remain in his children. While he tries to be hopeful, he worries that he himself is infected and believes that they are aware of his concern. Jack then learns that Julia was to blame for the entire occurrence, and that she'd taken a step with no thought of what might happen to her own
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