Xyz Beauty Products Company Analysis

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XYZ beauty Products Company is a company in the cosmetic industry whose business involves manufacturing products aimed at enhancing women’s beauty. XYZ Company has a global presence and is one of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry. Over time, XYZ has diversified its products portfolio to include beauty products, fashion, jewellery and clothing. The organization’s global presence and its wide product portfolio have enhanced its market share making it a direct competitor of leading brands such as Mary Kay and L’Oreal (Kumar, 2005). Company Background XYZ Beauty Products Company is a U.S based company with over 50 years presence. The company was born following the need to satisfy a great demand for beauty care products among women.…show more content…
Economic Factors The economic environment is important as it could have far reaching impacts for an international company. The economic condition of a country, the inflation rate and interest rates largely influence the consumers’ buying power (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Since XYZ conducts its business globally, the currency fluctuation that is often experienced in the global market has a huge impact on the company’s sales. Countries such as U.K where the company operates have relatively stable economies; consequently, the company continues posting profits from sales in those countries. Socio-cultural Factors Over time, the consumer’s choice of products and the need to buy has changed and this is dictated largely by local culture and the working conditions. Since different countries have different climates, it means XYZ has to manufacture products that are suited to the different climates and other environmental conditions. While the main objective of XYZ beauty Product Company is to satisfy its consumers, it is obligated to respond to the various needs of women across the globe that use its products. The fact that XYZ Company has diversified its product portfolio to include fashion, jewellery and clothing means that the company must create products that meet the desires of people with particular ethnic background and class (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Technological Factors Technology plays a critical factor in the cosmetic industry. In particular, technology has led to

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