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XYZ Consulting Inc. Proposal By Ridhima Agarwal Sullivan University Executive Summary The proposal uncoils what went imprecise under the management functionality of XYZ Consulting Inc. Established in 2002; XYZ originated with just 4 employees and has reached 105 in 2014. This firm used to provide best solutions and psychological assistance to its trusted consumers. Inevitably, in the beginning, there was no clear company structure and thus no demarcation between the various departments. The two co-founders were working from the same single office. Two organizations responsible for assigned projects are listed as separate departments under different management. This type of organization structure is known as functional. Strenuousness had arisen under this kind of organizational structure. The prime hassle at the firm was multi-boss reporting thereby resulting in a remarkably difficult and stressful task to master. Like chalk and cheese, two different sets of managers were not on the same page (Stark, 2012). Furthermore, prioritization of an assigned piece of business is highly significant in such a scenario. This framework was one of the supreme reasons for the decline of the incoming trade and client trust. Introduction XYZ Consulting Inc. is a scaling up employee assistance programs service (EAPS) source. It evolved undeviatingly from a bare set-up firm to an enterprise having highest market share in the line of business. XYZ Consulting Inc. is headquartered in

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