Xyz Software Games Project Management

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XYZ Software games
Project Management

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 3
2. List of Major Deliverables and Work Break down Structure 3
2.1 Schedule Management Approach 3
2.2 Risk Management Plan 5
3. Time Schedule 6
3.1 Resource Document 7
3.2 Procuring resource timeline 7
4. Defect Rate Reduction Plan 8
5. Contingency Plan 8
5.1 Cost Management Approach 8
5.2 Resource Management 8
5.3 Other Requirements 9
6. PERT 9
7. GANTT chart 10
8. Conclusion 10
References 11

1. Introduction
XYZ is a software games development company and its recent sales forecast indicated that company need to change its market strategy and need to come up with process changes and software upgrades. The requirement is to have effective project plan to document the change management, identify the potential risks and strategies to manage them. The XYZ also require a proper breakdown of skills with milestone to track progress and also want to have a comprehensive risk management plan.
The company has sale of around 250K of games per quarter and the executives want to reach sales of 300K by first quarter of 2016. The present defect rate is at 3.6% for software production which company want to reduce to half in the next two years.
2. List of Major Deliverables and Work Break down Structure
The major deliverables for XYZ is to develop new games, up gradate software and review process will follow a comprehensive project management approach established

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