Y the Last Man

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Y: The Last Man Essay

The graphic novel Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra is an interesting story of an epidemic that took place that killed every sperm, fetus, and living mammal with a Y chromosome. This is particularly interesting because if every male human and mammal were to die what would the world be? How would culture change not only in our country but also in every country across the world? Before reading this graphic novel I never would’ve thought about a scenario where every male dies in the whole world. But now that I have I’ll tell you how culture will change and how it will affect everyone across the world. Culture has many definitions but the one that regards to the
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Religions may change or possibly even die out because men are not present. The Pope and all of the Cardinals are suddenly all dead which could leave Catholicism in shambles. Women in certain parts of the Middle East where they are found to not be equal to men, all of the sudden have freedom to do or be whatever they want and not be restricted by their sex any longer. New religions may spur up after all the men die. People may think why would you worship Jesus, maybe he was just another man. Magic and the supernatural will change because men are such a big influence in these things and are usually the ones who perform most of the magic. The absence of men will most likely result in either women taking over magic and the supernatural or it simple dying out on its own. Stratification may change among women. Women who were once higher class may not be higher class any longer and women who were lower class may find themselves at not such a lower class anymore. With so many jobs lost because of all the absent men it would be easier for unemployed women to get better high end jobs that they normally would never have gotten. Higher-class women may find themselves worthless because they’ve only known that rich lifestyle living off their husbands’ earnings and are now left with nothing. Suddenly people (women) are as equal as they’ve ever been. Higher-class women find themselves in the middle class
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