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This report examines a project involving moving a boiler and redecoration of a bedroom. It details the plans and budget for the project, and how the concepts of time-management, task performance and motivation will be applied to assist in the implementation of it. This report concludes that the project is feasible and within budget, and that the aforementioned concepts will significantly improve the outcome of the task.
1. Introduction 4
2. The Project 4 2.1 Feasibility 4 2.2 Project plan 5 2.3 Budgeting 8
3. Project implementation 9 3.1 Time-management 10 3.2 Managing task performance 10 3.3 Motivation 11
4. Conclusion 12
5. References 12

1. Introduction

This report details how I am
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The table below shows the expected costs of materials and labour, and includes contingencies. I have written contracts with the tradesmen involved, to ensure no additional labour costs. Table 2 Table showing expected costs and contingencies
Item Expected cost Contingency cost
Electrician (including supply of materials) £120.00 £75.00 Extra half day in case of any unexpected difficulties
Gas fitter (including supply of materials needed for moving boiler) £750.00 £620.00, 10% of boilers fail after being moved so £500 for the cost of a new boiler, £120.00 for 1 days extra labour
Raw materials
Plasterboard 2 8ftx4ft boards @ £7.94 per board £15.88 £7.94, cost of extra board in case of mistakes cutting the boards
1 box of screws £10.48
1 roll of scrim £4.00
1 bag of filler £9.88
10L white contract emulsion £25.00
2 ½ L coloured matt emulsion £15.99 £15.99 for another tub of paint in case 2 ½ L isn’t enough
1 roll of masking tape £4.00
1 tube of caulk £2.48
Bunk beds £179.99
Wardrobe £82.49
Chest of drawers £79.99
Total £1300.18 £718.93
Total including contingency £2019.11

3. Project Implementation

I intend to use the key management ideas of time-management, managing task performance and motivation to help me implement the project, and to help ensure it runs effectively and to schedule.

3.1 Time-management
The first idea that I’m going to discuss is that of time-management.

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