Y183 Tma01

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Module: Y183 – Assignment: TMA01

Task 1

How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

Part A

Sketch out a plan for an essay to answer the above question.


- what is the task?

- how do I plan to address it?

- split into 3 areas

- definition of each

- evidence of each

Mental images:

- definition

- what they can be used for – examples

- studies / evidence


- definition

- uses

- examples

- studies / evidence


- definition

- uses

- examples

- studies / evidence
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They read out a passage to a number of participants, only half of whom were given a title for the passage. Those who were not given the title found it difficult to understand what the passage was about, as well as trying to remember the details of it afterwards. Those who were given the title however, understood it easily, thereby showing that having the title gave them a schema which helped them understand and organise the information provided, and therefore made it easier to remember the details.

In conclusion, I have looked at how we think and shown that by organising our thoughts we can improve our memory. Mental imagery allows us to use pictures, concepts allow us to categorise information, and by developing schemas we can compartmentalise relevant information about specific things.

(Word count: 990)

References: Spoors, P., Dyer, E.W. and Finlay, L. (2011) Starting With Psychology, Milton Keynes, The Open University.

Task 2
Write no more than 150 words in total for this task.

What did you find easiest and what did you find most difficult about doing this assignment? Why was this?

I found it quite easy to plan what I wanted to include in my essay generally, but it was more difficult to narrow it down to the most appropriate extracts from the book to give the best examples. I also enjoyed trying to think of my own examples, but did not find this easy.

What could you do to make the difficult area easier in the future?

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