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Table of Contents No Description Page 1 Introduction 3 2 1. Company Background 3 3 1.1 Issues hindering organization 3 4 1.2 Things need to focus 4 5 Strategic Evaluation 5 6 Impact of IS 6 7 A. Two new major system 6 8 Online Transition Processing System 7 9 Creative Marketing System 7 10 B. Organizational Change 9 11 C. Outsourcing and In-housing 11 12 D. Plans for Disaster 12 Introduction I have been invited by Amazing Destinations as a consultant. My work that needs to be done is to analyst the organization’s existing strategic position and deep investigation of the issues that impact on company. And I need to find my way to solve those issues. According to the Amazing Destination’s scenario I have found some of the…show more content…
Capturing of government funds Cheap adventure holidays are best way of capturing government funds. Company directors want to capture the half of overall adventure market. If this idea success this bring much profit to company. Strategic Evaluation SWORT is the useful technique for analyze organization’s current position and future possibilities. Strength Weakness Independently run travel agency Has much experience (12 years) They have regarded as number one tourist company Has regular clients, 40% of clients has been at last 6 holidays. Get feedback from clients at the end of the trip When bookings are falling, the directors make change to keep success Have plan to make report by specialist Company already have experience country specialist Bookings are fallen Booking system are outdated (work via telephone) Company doesn’t do digital advertising (don’t have website) Not enough IT staff and not skillful. Doesn’t make improvement for IT system (no new IT system have been for 8 years) Existing staff are not ready to change (or) new system. Staff need to train Current marketing strategy are poor Opportunities Threads If new type of holiday is cheap, Amazing Destination can capture government funds Can brings success by clients feedback and specialist reports Company already have regular clients, so it’s not too difficult on finding market When digital marketing is success company will get much clients As a type of danger inherent holiday, it

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