YUM Employee Competencies

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The largest obstacle that YUM faces is compliance by franchisees and in global markets having the same sense of urgency for social objectives as YUM corporate. How does the organization communicate clearly to all levels across a diverse portfolio and levels? I would want a bought in approach with all level of employees towards social issues. In addition, the industry is changing and being a powerhouse in performance, it would be relevant for YUM to focus on creativity. In a competitive fast food industry with a large number of substitutes, it would be critical for YUM to set its stores apart.
Moving forward all new franchises at YUM would have a clear understanding of the social objectives and goals every year. Annually allowing the franchises input on selected areas of opportunity. With existing franchises look towards the larger ownership franchises and work with these teams on building on the steps in place to have a more social responsibility in all franchises.
Management buy-in would be imperative to make sure the social responsibilities were well defined on top of managerial ethics training. All stakeholders within the YUM brands would not question the social goals that
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Dr. Parnell stated, “and ideal SSM strategy should meet buyer demands, profitability, and environmental sustainability by directly managing resources” (Parnell, 2014, p.135). More needs to be done, and YUM can be an industry leader increasing its impact of the world green efforts.
Communication to customers of the quality of the products and the steps the organization would be imperative. The website of each diverse product offering would provide details on the food and the nutritional information. The cautionary tale of Chipotle would be an example for all levels of management on what could happen to YUM (Smith & Garcia,
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