Yahama: The Piano Market

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There are 4 big companies in piano industry around the world, which are YAMAHA, CASIO, ROLAND and KORG. YAMAHA, one of the most important piano manufacturers, which occupied almost half of the piano market, mainly focus on Japanese market in past few years. However, because of some reasons such as financial crisis, YAMAHA did a pretty bad job later on, but fortunately, as the economy grows rapidly in china and it didn’t influenced by crisis those years, the piano market increase dramatically. Albany (July 21, 2013), the author of Global and China piano industry 2013 claims that: In FY 2013, Yamaha’s musical instrument products generated JPY 22.9 billion in the Chinese market, growing by 19.9% year on year and accounting for 8.4% of its total revenue. In accordance with the company's development plan, Yamaha’s musical instrument revenue in China will hit JPY 36.3 billion in FY 2014. In 2012, China’s piano output reached 379,746 units, accounting for 76.9% of the global piano output; in 2010-2012, the piano import volume surpassed the export volume in China, helping China be a leading piano importer in the world (p.4). YAMAHA’s market share mainly concentrated in China. Base on the information, it is obvious that the total world output is around 493,817 units (379746 / 76.9%). Suppliers have lower bargaining power, because we have variety options, in other words, we can ask suppliers for a lower price, which reduces the cost of production and extend our profit as a result.

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