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Yahoo! Inc. - 2009 Case Notes Prepared by: Dr. Mernoush Banton Case Authors: Hamid Kazeroony A. Case Abstract Yahoo! Inc. ( is a comprehensive strategic management case that includes the company’s Calendar year-end December 31, 2008 financial statements, competitor information and more. The case time setting is the year 2009. Sufficient internal and external data are provided to enable students to evaluate current strategies and recommend a three-year strategic plan for the company. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Yahoo! Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol YHOO. B. Vision Statement (Actual) Yahoo! powers and delights our communities of users, advertisers,…show more content…
remains strong, topping $23 billion in 2008 3. Consumers are spending more of their time online 4. New business strategies such as bundling Internet access with voice and video services are increasing 5. Innovativeness in technology is the driving force in Internet-based businesses 6. Many businesses overseas are finding advertising on Internet less expensive and more responsive 7. Countries such as China and India have stronger economic status and accordingly, the companies are able to spend more advertising dollars via Internet Threats 1. Due to weak economic conditions, Internet related businesses also have suffered 2. In 2009, a number of Internet content and advertising companies reported disappointing financial results and lowered their forward financial outlooks 3. Low entry barrier makes the viability of existing Internet based businesses difficult 4. Changes in legislative requirements concerning technology sharing, patent rights and information security could increase future expenses and lower profitability 5. Constant technology changes causes difficulty to be up-to-date all the time 6. Consolidations among Internet-based providers could make the competition to be strong External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix Key External Factors | Weight | Rating | Weighted Score | Opportunities | | | | 1. 1.1 billion Internet users around the world as of 2006 and it is still growing |

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