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Case about Yahoo 1. Success as a Web Search Engine

a. Why was Yahoo! such an early success on the Web?

Yahoo was an early success due to a combination of factors such as timing, hard work, and a good understanding of Web surfer’s tastes and needs.. In early 1995, Net mania was just flowering. It was a great time to be a young entrepreneur with an Internet idea. Dave Faldo and Jerry Yang saw a consumer need for classifying and differentiating web sights. Resting the urge to automate this process, Yahoo’s founders instead chose to manually perform this search, reviewing and classifying roughly 1000 sights a day. This approach combined with their decision to offer a free service lead to early success.

b. Why was Yahoo!
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Yahoo! provides its users with free services such as email, stock tracking, customized news searches, weather, travel rates, and sports information all on one personalized home page.

However, Yahoo! founders realized that without a strong brand name, they would have difficulty attracting both advertisers and users. In order to get people to use your sight the first time, having a recognizable brand name in essential. New users have been bombarded with creative ads that may well lead them to try Yahoo! before a competitor. It is well know that creating brand equity is the surest way to find long-term success in the business world. One has to go no further than Coca-Cola to see the lasting effects of building a recognizable brand name. Once users came in droves, advertisers weren’t far behind seeking to capitalize on this captive audience.

b. Do you approve of how Karen Edwards has promoted the Yahoo! brand? Why or why not? How would you improve Yahoo! marketing? Explain why.

Edwards used an excellent approach in her initial marketing campaign. The majority of web surfers are young. Targeting events and media that are frequently attended/subscribed to by the “Gen X” target market proved quick and efficient way to attract interest.

The next step was to find a way to hold on to current users. This was accomplished with the consistent offering of new services and distributing “freebies” that kept the Yahoo! brand name in the forefront of

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