Yahoo Inc.: Case Study: Yahoo Inc.

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Yahoo Inc. Is a global internet services company which provides many products and content, such as email, search and downloads. The Case Study includes company overview and pertinent issues that management needs to address. Appropriate internal analysis. An action plan and recommendations addressing to each issues.

Company overview and pertinent issues.

Yahoo Inc. is a global internet services company. It was developed in 1994 by its founders, David Filo and Jerry Yang; yahoo was incorporated in 1995 in Delaware and launched a successful initial public offering IPO in 1996 with 49 employees. The stock of yahoo rose to the high of $120 in 2000 but 2009 has been trading under $14. Yahoo's marketing services segment made online advertising business 88% of the company's revenues in 2009. Yahoo and Google are the most leaders, but the balance
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Yahoo owns a wide array of intellectual property assets include patent applications related to their innovations and services; copyrights in software and creative content; and other licenses of various kinds. In terms of services and product development, Yahoo enhances, and launches products to meet user, publisher and advertiser needs for innovation and integrated experience. Yahoo purchases licenses intellectual property rights when the opportunity is aligned and economically advantageous.

SWOT Analysis:


Yahoo is the leading provider of brand building graphical video and image advertising.

Yahoo is a clear leader in content categories like Yahoo Finance, Automotive, and Real Estate.

Yahoo has much more services to offer its users than Google and many other niche sites.


Yahoo's business model is based on how fast advertising revenue increases.

Yahoo ranked fifth in visitors among video sites.

YouTube, owned by Google, is the first among the video sites.

Google has the greatest name

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