Yahoo and Google: A Comparative Analysis

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Yahoo and Google Although it is popularly thought that Yahoo is distinctly different from Google with a different philosophy and system Google having successfully competed with a more streamline and simple surface and with faster research capabilities investigation indicates that yahoo and Google have more similarities that seems to be the case. Analysis of the new Google interface, for instance, shows it to have distinct similarities to Yahoo search interface. Similarities include both having their names in large script on the right hand side of the page with search choice bulleted beneath them. Their search box too is the same design with the only difference being that Google colors its blue, whilst Yahoo is yellow. According to Dsouza (2011) this has not been the first time that Google imitated Yahoo; its design of custom builds of IE7 were also an imitation of a yahoo design . Other similarities include the following: ñInclusion of Finance Portal ñMail that has unlimited storage ñPublic company type ñSimilar search functions ñInstant messaging. This essay, therefore, chooses yahoo as the company to focus on in terms of its successes and failures. Yahoo. Successes Yahoo, created by Jerry Yang and David Filo , was created in 1994 . The name Yahoo was chosen since it stood for "rude, unsophisticated, uncouth." and due to the fact that Filo's girlfriend called him Yahoo after a figure from Gulliver. Either way, Yahoo spread fast way beyond the Stanford
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