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1. Executive introduction

This report was commissioned to analyze and examine Yakult Ace Light positioning in the Singapore market and to reevaluate its standing the industry so as to make adjustments to increase market share.

Within Singapore, probiotics drinks are generally seen as a nutritious drink to aid digestion and are widely consumed here. Yakult Ace Light, a probiotics drink, is created in 2004.It differs from the original Yakult with 30% less in both sugar and calories, and a higher concentration probiotics.

The following research draws attention to the fact that in 2007, Yakult’s main competitor, MARIGOLD, launched Vitagen Collagen to grab a share in the female market. It gained
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Yakult Singapore produces more than 200,000 bottles of Yakult a day in order to satisfy the demand of Singapore(Ref 1.3)


Table 1 shows a steady increase in the sales volume of Yakult. This suggests that consumers are drinking more of probiotics drink which the demand for Yakult.



* Geographic segmentation – Singapore is the only country that Yakult offers the flavoured Yakult, this is due to the fact that a homegrown competitor(Vitagen) started to sell a variety of flavours. * Behavioural segmentation – Probably due to the different demands of consumers in all countries, different sizes of Yakult is sold in different countries. In Australia, India, Europe and Indonesia, Yakult coms in 65 mL bottles. In Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the US, it is sold in 80 mL bottles. In Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and China, it is sold in 100 mL bottles.

* Age group segmentation – The younger population has been the target consumers of Yakult whereby mostly children or teenagers are the ones drinking Yakult.

* Benefits segmentation – Yakult has created different ranges of the probiotic milk from the different benefits consumers wish to obtain from the drink, besides the improvement of the digestive system. To meet the demands of health conscious consumers, Yakult has developed Yakult Ace Light which 30% less sugar and 30% less calories.


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