Yakult's Operation Management Process

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Zakir ALI ALAMI Yakult’s Operation Management Process: Research Activities Part A: Background Information Questions 1) What is Yakults corporate philosophy? Ans: Yakult 's greatest goal is to bring smiles to faces everywhere. The global corporate philosophy of the Yakult Group is: "We contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world through pursuit of excellence in life sciences in general and our research and experience in microorganisms in particular. 2) What type of large-scale is the Yakult parent company? Ans: Yakult Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of the Japanese parent company Yakult Honsho Co. 3) Outline Yakults organisational structure. Ans: Yakults organisation structure is Board of…show more content…
| 2. | Sterilisation The sweet, milky solution is sterilised at a high temperature for a short time, destroying any bacteria that may be present. This process is called UHTST (Ultra Heat Treatment, Short Time). The solution is then transferred to a 6,000-litre fermentation tank via a closed system of pipes and valves. | 3. | Fermentation Tank Live Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain, cultured and tested in our laboratory, is added to the tank. The temperature of the tank is then reduced until the contents are at 37°C (body temperature). The solution is allowed to ferment in the tank for 6-9 days or until the numbers of Lactobacillus casei bacteria reach their ideal concentration. | 4. | Control Panel This machine is fully computerized and controls the flow of production. Different coloured lights indicate any areas that need attention. | 5. | Flavour Tank Citrus flavour is added to the concentrate. | 6. | Storage Tank The flavoured, concentrate is transferred to a 12,000 litre storage tank, containing a chilled syrup solution. The tank is chilled to around 2°C. | 7. | Water Steriliser Yakult uses water that is de-mineralised (any dissolved chlorides and fluorides are removed) by a process called "reverse osmosis". The water is then UV sterilised, after which it is stored in a 25,000 litre holding tank before being used in the production process. | 8. | Mixing Tank

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