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Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century, criminal organizations have begun to develop within various nations throughout the world. Some of these criminal organizations consist of various national and ethnic groups who centralized themselves as a single enterprise and various illegal activity which results in monetary gains, such as drug trafficking, racketeering, human trafficking, setting up illegal gambling establishments, and corrupting the local government with members of their own. For example, the Mexican drug cartels control one of the vast drug routes in Latin America while the Sicilian Mafia have set up a large protection racketing system throughout Italy. The Yakuza have established themselves in Japan and are …show more content…
Members who violate codes and attack innocents such as family members and children are viewed as thugs by high rank members of the Yakuza and are expelled from the organization sometimes (77). A high ranking official from inside the Yakuza has stated, “ The Yakuza have existed this long because the police have allowed us to exist and we have cooperated with them to some extent. Those days are gone, as we are being replaced internally and externally by thugs and gangs who make no pretense in having codes at all.” (Kaplan 78). Many old generation Yakuza members believe the Yakuza itself has become deluded when various criminals who do not follow these codes of conduct join the organization. The traditional Yakuza members believe it is the reason why the Japanese government went after Yakuza. (79). The Yakuza, unlike most criminal organizations in the world, do not exist in secrecy. The Yakuza have made themselves public and have set many offices throughout Japanese, which are surrounded by barb and armed guards (43). They also have created printed business cards for their organization and published magazines detailing their criminal society. Some of their activities are actually legitimate business operations, such as running construction projects and various public works projects, real estate firms, and finance operations such
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