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Local Services in Yaletown
Yaletown is a thriving district in downtown Vancouver and is one of the trendiest and most coveted places to live in all of the Lower Mainland. Besides offering boutique stores and a great selection of restaurants, Yaletown also offers a wide range of local services - everything from plumbers and electricians to mechanics and contractors. Here is a brief list of some of the many local services you can find in and around Yaletown.
Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians
Many of the local services that are offered in Yaletown are small businesses. Yaletown Plumbing is one of these businesses. They are a local, residential plumbing company that provides efficient service, quick response, quality work all at a competitive
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These cleaning services range from gutters and windows to carpet. A great gutter and window cleaning company in the Yaletown district is Green Grads Exterior Cleaning. Green Grads offers high quality window and gutter cleaning as well as all of your pressure washing needs. They offer an environmentally friendly approach to all of their services and provide a quick education to all of their clients about how a gutter system works and how they can maintain it in the most eco-friendly way possible. The next time you need clean windows or gutters, remember Green Grads.
A great choice for premier carpet cleaning service is Canadian Carpet Services. They offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services and pre-spray all stains and high traffic areas to ensure the cleanest carpets in Vancouver. They use a powerful state-of-the art hot water extraction technique that is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children. The next time you need your carpets cleaned, think Canadian Carpet Services.
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Minit Tune offers a wide range of services to keep your car in top running condition. From oil changes to tune-ups and almost any other service you could possibly need, such as engine and transmission repair, Minit Tune is sure to deliver. Minit Tune offers a warranty and stands behind all of their work. The next time your car needs some extra attention, Minit Tune is the place to go.
Taxi Services
Yaletown does not have a taxi service that just provides service for the district. Instead, there are a few different cab companies that service the Vancouver area. One of the Vancouver taxi cab companies is Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab is owner-operated and offers 24 hour service. With a fleet of over 200 cabs and over 35 wheelchair accessible mini-vans, Yellow Cabs provides safe, efficient service to Yaletown, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The next time you need a cab, think Yellow Cab.
Another great taxi cab service in Yaletown is Blacktop and Checker Cabs. Black Top Cabs provides a new level of customer satisfaction, care and convenience. Black Top cabs has been serving the Vancouver area for over 60 years and offers over 200 cabs to meet all of your needs. They offer online booking and have a free mobile app that provides a whole new dimension to cab

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