Yamaha'a Customer Satisfaction

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Yamaha fully satisfies its customers by offering quality products and services that incorporate new traditional technologies as well as refined creativity and artistry .Yamaha delivers proper returns to shareholders by ensuring a solid business performance and achieves lasting development through transparent and sound management .Yamaha strives to be an organization where each person’s individuality and creativity are respected and all can demonstrate their full potential through their work. Yamaha is a good corporate citizen that contributes to the development of society, culture and the economy by observing laws, demonstrating high ethical standards and endeavoring to protect the environment. The Yamaha Groups approach with respect customers, shareholders, the people who work with Yamaha, and society is clearly expressed in the corporate philosophy shard by the entire Yamaha Group. Yamaha provides support to people who want to perform music and people who want to enjoy it by contributing to the popularization and development of music and musical culture Yamaha works to maintain a health global environment by understanding the significance of protecting the natural environment, maintaining biodiversity, and reducing the burden on the environment, as well as promoting the proper use of wood resources, and cooperating with forest protection activates. As a “corporate citizen’’ that is a member society, Yamaha contributes to creating a better society by actively participating
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