Yank and Rank

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Abstract This paper will discuss will discuss rating system that judge employees on job performance. The rating systems that will discuss in this paper are the following: forced-ranking, absolute-rating and relative-rating system. The author will discuss weather forced ranking is a good performance management system, the different between the absolute-rating and relative-rating systems, an what would the author rely on as a rating system and can a absolute-rating system be devise that would guarantee differentiation among workers, Rank & Yank: Legitimate Performance Improvement Tool Or Ruthless and Unfair Management 1. Do you think forced ranking is a good performance management system? Why or Why not. The forced ranking system…show more content…
The forced ranking is a very harsh rating system in my eyes. I believe the forced ranking system is unethical. Eliminating the bottom ten of an organization ever year can be costly to a company. It promotes employee turnover and increases the company’s labor cost. Recruiting, hiring and training new people to replace the terminated employees can be very expensive. There is no guarantee that the newly-hired employees will be any better than the old employees that were eliminated. This system is not fair to employees and emp0loyees don’t have faith in this system. There is better ways to manage performance and there are effective ways to improve performance level of employees. Management can control performance by exploring the causes of performance problem, what cause the problem, develop an effective plan and empower their employees to reach a solution, communicate with the worker and provide positive feedback. Once an employee has been identified as a non productive employees, management should find out why the employee is not productive and offer them coaching or training to help the individual. 2. Part of the forced-ranking label reflects the intent to force distinctions among worker performance levels. In an absolute-rating system, everyone could be rated “above average.” Do this different between the absolute-and relative-rating approaches mean that the absolute
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