Yanluo Research Paper

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1873, Shanghai, China
The greater demon Yanluo had found a weakness in the wards of the Shanghai Institute, and wanted its revenge on Ken Wen Yu for killing his offspring. It snuck in to the Institute from under the walls of the wards and killed all the guards, stopping them from alerting the Clave.
Yanluo tortured Ke Wen Yu, her husband Jonah Carstairs, and their only child James. It tied them all up and made Jem’s parents watch as it tortured their twelve year old son by injecting the demonic poison, Yin fen, into his veins.
The poison caused James an immense amount of pain, he was fading in and out of consciousness, while he was conscious all the he could hear was his mother calling him by his Chinese name Jian. Jem had become delirious and had hallucinations of London burning covered in red.
The demon tortured the family for three days, by the time the Clave became suspicious of if something had happen to them it was too late. James’ parents Ken Wen Yu and Jonah Carstairs had been killed by Yanluo, Jem was left orphaned, scarred for
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When he arrived he travelled to the London Insitute, there he met Charlotte, Henry, Jessamine and William. Will had only been at the Institute for a half a year, and he and Jem were around the same age. Will tried to keep James from getting close to him by teasing him about looking weak and close to death, Jem told Will about what happed and about how his life has been shorten. After almost a year since they met will ask Jem to become his parabatai, initially Jem refused, as he thought that Will deserved some who was stronger and could look after him for a longer time. However Will was insistent, and made a bet with Jem, which Jem lost. When they both were fourteen a year later they underwent the parabatai ceremony, and they have been inseparable ever
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