Yann Martel 's Life Of Pi

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Two Truths: The Contrasting yet Harmonious Stories in Life of Pi Often the mind easily and distinctly separates the contrasting ideas, events, and moments displayed to them in life. Those people that make such a separation then proceed to choose a side and stick to it. Stubbornly, these people will continue to back their decisions through and through, rarely again truly looking at their previous verdict. But against this reality in the novel, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Piscine (Pi) Molitor Patel creates his own harmonious unity between life’s own contrasts in his mind, sculpting a story true to himself. Constantly throughout his journey, Pi is faced with his own opposing views in which others in his life find that he must choose between. Nonetheless, Pi holds true to his own decisions and fights for his own views as he decides to dissolve the separation between conflicting ideas in order to keep his sanity and life on the ocean. Along Pi’s adventure, Martel displays both Pi’s physical and spiritual journeys, ultimately displaying the absolute necessity of both science and religion in the two stories to ensure one’s survival. Even from the foundation and basis of his journey, Pi displays a direct correlation between science and religion. Starting on the first pages of his story, Pi describes his double majors of zoology and religious studies, seemingly opposites, but for Pi they go together. To anyone who has yet to have heard Pi’s story or experienced a similar
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