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yanna Pasley Police Brutality against Minorities In the movie, “Twelve Years of Slave” there was so much injustice for minorities. America has a come a long way since, slavery and segregation but there is still work to be done, specifically with police brutality. Police brutality is the use of unnecessary excessive force for the police’s purpose. Police brutality has risen over the past years. Ever since the Rodney King incident happened, it began the trend of police brutality against minorities. The majority of police brutality has disproportionately happened minorities, killing them at higher rates than any other race. They are more likely to be killed by a police officer and be trafficked stopped. Why is this happening? It 's the…show more content…
The officer was called to assist the woman’s son but instead he was murdered. Police officers use their weapons under any circumstances. Officers need to be trained to deal with any situation, even an emergency of a mentally ill person without having to go as far as shooting someone all because he felt threatened. There needs to be new training exercise provided for the police departments to help reduce the murders and harassment against minorities based on the inability to handle someone. For instance, cops need to be trained to not instantly reach for a weapon if they aren’t in a dangerous situation. They need to be educated on the proper defense to protect themselves. Racial profiling has played a big role in the killing of many minorities. It breaks the trust between the police and minorities. Michael Brown sparked headlines across the United States. Michael Brown was approached by officer Darren Wilson. The officer assumed Michael was robbing a store and armed with a weapon. The officer later on admitted to using the N-word to Michael when he encountered him. The fact that he believed he was doing something illegal was racist. Black people are stereotyped as thieves, criminals, and bad people. Michael Brown was none of those things and didn’t have a weapon on him. The officer got away with murdering him even though he admitted to using derogatory terms against him. Eric Garner died in

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