Yannely Suero : A Short Story

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Can you imagine what kind of life you would have had if the person who is your father today rejected you and ran away every time he saw your face just because he did not want you to be born in the first place? Meet Yannely Suero, the girl who was rejected before she was even born. Growing up without a father was very common for children in Villa Flores which is a community in the Dominican Republic. But Yannely's situation was not just her not having a father to provide her with the basic needs that she needed, but it was beyond that. She had a father who did not want her and even told her mother to get an abortion the second he found out she was pregnant. Yannely's father was not around her mother before or even after she was born. When Yannely got a little bit older she wanted to know her father, but she, later on, regrated even finding out who her father was because of the way he treated her. It was too obvious that the father did not want her at all by ignoring her knocking on the door, or the way he turned around and ran because he could not even look at her face. This broke Yannely's heart but that was not the end of her journey. Through Compassion International Yannely found a purpose and she was able to heal and feel loved again. Through a sponsor who was like a grandmother to her, Yannely's life changed for good and she then focused on pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. She held no hate against her father because she decided that her father's rejection would

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