Yasuni Itt : The World 's Most Diverse Spot On Earth

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Oil is and will be the dominant sector of economy in the world for some more decades. It is capable of taking entire countries out of their economic trouble as well as giving them power over other nations. Ecuador, a small country in the north west of South America, began to take part in oil industry about four and a half decades ago. The government started looking for more small petroleum reserves in 2004 without the expectation of finding much. This is why in 2007 it was an enormous surprise when they found one that could help take their “third world country” stereotype away. The only problem is it is located under the world’s most diverse spot on earth. Because of this the government decided to structure a project called Yasuni-ITT to save this precious place. In 2013 this project was canceled since no great support from other countries was shown. Yasuni-ITT was a precise approach to the solution of this dilemma because it prevented an ecological impact from occurring while also allowing Ecuador to advance economically. All of this could had been achieved if other nations would have shown interest in saving the environment. The name of this natural reserve is Yasuni National Park, located in the western Amazon. It covers approximately 9,815 square kilometers, and it is part of the most important high-biodiversity areas in the entire planet. It has five different rivers crossing it; this is one of the contributing factors to the diverse quantity of fish species. There

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