Year 1 Ib History

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| World War I (Total War) | World War II (Total War) | Causes | Long Term: MAINShort Term: Serbian Nationalism, Bosnian crisis, Moroccan crisisImmediate: Ass. of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand | Long Term: Treaty of Versailles, Failure of LON, Econ DepressionShort term: Absynnia, Munich, appeasement Immediate: Invasion of Poland (9.1. 1939) and Pearl Harbor (12. 7. 1941) | War | Western Front: Schlieffen Plan fail, Trench Warfare, Entry of USA Eastern Front: Austria & Germany V.S. Russia, Russian withdrawalWar at Sea: Allies: blockade, open trade routes, transport military, convoy systemCentral: mines, submarines (u-boat), unrestricted submarine warfarePractices:Navy, submarines, trench warfare, poison gas, tanks | Phase I…show more content…
CCP | * Sun Yatsen: aim- republic/modern on western lines, secret societies, * Wuchang
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