Year 10 Narrative

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As I neared the back gates of St Aloysius College, I realised that very early morning, it was not a normal and comparable year 9 school day. It was actually the first frightening, yet fascinating, day of year 10. All nerves and thoughts considered, Mum pulled up to the carpark and I exited the car. My school bag weighed as if I was carrying a pile of bricks inside of it, and yet this feeling is as familiar as an old friend, it did not stop me from discovering my new year 10 class, only the nerves did.
After I strolled my way through the school, the year 10 building stood right in front of me. I walked anxiously up the stairs and got a glimpse of the stretched corridor. When I attained the top floor where the year 10 classes were located, it
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My heart that finally felt no longer anxious turned into an anchor that dropped to my toes. I found out that my ex-best friend, Adelaine, was placed into my class. At the time, I thought the year ahead would be absolutely ruined since we were both on such awkward terms with each other. However, I was not going to let Adelaine bring me down, so I decided to explore the new year 10 area before the bell…show more content…
During this loud time, I walked around a tight corner and to my surprise, I saw my best friend Annabelle. We had an amusing conversation, which mostly consisted of holiday reflections. Then, the conversation turned school-related. This was when I realised that Annabelle was not placed in my class!
About 10 minutes later, after a nice chat, the bell rang. I hugged Annabelle goodbye and started to slowly make my way back to 10EB. I settled into my seat and I looked around the classroom. I noticed some new faces that I had never seen before around St Aloysius College. However, there was one face I did not see, and that was Adelaine’s face. I started to think about how I would be as sweet as pie towards her this year and I hoped for the best that she would return the favour.
Meanwhile, my teacher blabbered on and on all about the dull classroom expectations that never prevail towards the end of any school year. The blabbering continued until footsteps were heard entering into the class. I looked at the entrance’s general vicinity and I saw no one other than Adelaine walk inside. I heard her softly apologise to our teacher for being late and she soon seated
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