Year 12 Research Paper

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The school rule “students must partake in extracurricular activity” is a significant disturbance to students whom are in their final year of secondary education. Extracurricular activities such as sports day and compulsory sport for the school produces an inconvenience to senior students whom have hoards of assignments to complete and tests to revise for. A better alternative to this rule would be to provide senior students the option of partaking in extracurricular activities if they wish to do so. This provides senior students with hours of extra free time in which they will be able to complete assignments and study for tests. In addition, the work load in year 12 is already a struggle for students to juggle and the addition of extracurricular…show more content…
Year 12 consists of numerous assignments and tests, often students will have to juggle numerous assignments and test revision at the same time. The addition of extracurricular activities may lead to year 12 students missing out on opportunities to better prepare for tests and complete certain tasks, which will in turn hinder their results. This could also increase the stress levels of students which anecdotal evidence has shown may lead to depression, this will affect the student’s personal life and may result in them having to take medications to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Stress is already present in year 12 students, as many have set scores which they have to achieve to obtain entry into tertiary education or their desired course. Hence, year 12 students having the opportunity to decide whether they partake in extracurricular activities decreases stress levels and helps students manage the work load…show more content…
Therefore, students having extra time to achieve better marks will be beneficial to the college as the colleges ranking will improve. This will be advantageous to the college as a better ranking will attract a greater number of students, increasing the diversity and funds of the college. A better college ranking will also benefit students as they will be able to obtain a greater spectrum of resources and more hands on experience with certain experiments and tools. The school will also be able to expand due to the increase in funds, meaning they will be able to hire a greater number of teachers, build campuses interstate and provide students with state of the art technology. Teachers will also benefit as their job stability would improve and the facilities in which they will have access to teach with will also improve significantly. Therefore, the college as a whole will benefit off of year 12 having more time to
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