Year 9 Pdhpe Half Yearly Notes Essay

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* Close relationships can be formed between good friends, the closer the relationship becomes the more thoughts, feelings and hopes are shared * intimate relationships involve a high degree of love, trust, empathy and commitment from both partners * effective communication skills such as active listening, negotiation, conflict resolution and assertiveness – develops an equal and respectful relationship * active listening helps improve mutual understanding and sorting out problems – open up and say what they really mean * four steps to active listening are: * don’t interrupt * look at the speaker * listen to the speaker * respond by restating what was said in your own words(paraphrasing) *…show more content…
* Condoms protect from both STI and pregnancy * Influences of sexual choices * Peers: may project a view of sex that is balanced and reasonable but no experience or wisdom * Media and culture: what we see in the media – powerful effect. Think carefully of the consequences of your action rather than going with the flow of the media * Sources of reliable advice about sex can be from PDHPE teachers, GPs, sex therapists but not from magazines. * Risks associated with sexual behaviour: * Negative vs. positive risk – excitement of sex(positive risk), risk of infection(negative risk) * Setting or circumstance – isolated setting more likely to take risks, at a party with alcohol and drugs increase level of risk * Factors influencing risk taking – drugs and alcohol can reduce inhibition and lead to sexual activity, peer pressure and family value system * Outcomes of risk behaviour – inappropriate or abusive relationship or unwanted pregnancy are all possible outcomes of taking sexual risks. Enormous sense of guilt can follow sex * Guides to sexual conduct * Law of consent – 16 years(heterosexual) and 18 years(homosexuals) * Law of personal values – have sex to somebody to whom they are committed in a long term relationship or night socialising and not expect an ongoing relationship. Talk about personal values before

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