Year Benchmark Test Paper

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1. Positively skewed
Definition - Large number of low scores and very few high scores (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 123)
Example – Pretest on a topic, Beginning of the Year Benchmark test

2. Mode
Definition – Score that occurs most frequently or most often (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 125)
Example – Bar graph with the highest bar when y-axis measures frequency

3. Stability
Definition – Administering an instrument to a group of individuals, waiting a specified period of time, and readministering the same instrument to the same group (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 138)
Example – Beginning of the Year benchmark test taken at the beginning and end of the school year to show growth

4. Test
Definition – Instrument that requires participants to complete a cognitive task
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Definition – Period of time in which the target behavior (dependent variable) is observed and recorded as it occurs without a special or new program or procedures (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 238)
Example – The use of a vitamin on improving health, Before using vitamin would be baseline

10. Context
Definition – Environment in which behavior occurs, Setting, Influences the way humans behave (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 274)
Example – School, Grocery store, College campus, Home

11. Life-history interview
Definition – Researcher interested in learning about a subject’s life, Information about what has occurred throughout the participant’s life (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 293)
Example – Harold Quillen interview on Vimeo

12. Documents
Definition – Written records (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 295)
Example – Journals, articles, and books, Time Magazine

13. Reconnaissance
Definition – Take time to self-reflect on area from the perspective of your own beliefs and from the context of the classroom or school, Enhance understanding of the area from the perspective of theories, values, beliefs, knowledge, larger context of school, and relevant historical contexts (McMillian, 2012, Pg. 348)
Example – Writing in a journal, Talking with others (Peers or
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