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Michaela Thielen
English 11
Why Take on Year Round Schooling? “Pop quiz, lets see what you remember.” Often people realize, “Shoot! I forgot everything from last year!” Why go through that I­have­no­idea­how­to­do­this kind of stress when year round education can fix that so simply. Even though year round schooling is uncommon, it will make a positive impact on society. In the United States there are only 3,181 year round schools that exist, but the number is still continuing to grow. Year round schooling promotes higher levels of excellence for students and schools all around. Although year round education makes scheduling events harder, and also makes it harder for students to get a
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Not only do test scores seem to go up, but also the retention rates of students rise when in year round schooling.
In addition, kids in school often struggle with the lack of ability to remember what they learned the year before.Year­round schooling can help students with this problem.
According to Grace Chen, an outstanding education researcher and writer in the article
“Year Round Vs Traditional Schedule in Public Schools” she stated that children often lose skills in math and language art over summer break, they also have to readapt to school schedules, teachers, school expectations and homework deadlines. This shows that students go through a lot of stress to readapt to school over their long summer break and that results in the loss of concrete skills needed to succeed in school.
Students would not have to relearn what they forget over the summer since they would only be out of school, for at the most, three weeks at a time. They would return ready to pick up where they left off. Research shows that kids forget most of what they learn in the first three weeks after a lesson, so having your kid in year­round schools would help

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keep what they learned with them all the way through the school year. In fact, kids typically forget up to one to three months of school skills over the summer vacation, making the time for review a lot longer than needed in year­round schooling. Also over the summer the more important skills like math
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