Year-Round Education : Schooling Of Tomorrow

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Jake Speyer
Kevin Shanahan
LA III, Pd. 5
6 September 2017
Schooling of Tomorrow
Keeping children in school is imperative, and with a dropout rate of 7,000 American students a day, the current schooling system is failing. Year-round schooling promotes continuous learning because students are not spending large amounts of time over the summer without intellectual stimulation. This style of learning offers students with a sixty twenty year round calendar, meaning students have sixty days of instruction, followed by a twenty day break. Subsequently, still awarding students with the same amount of vacation time as traditional schooling however, these days are distributed evenly throughout the year. Year-round schooling, offers terrific benefits to teachers and students during and outside of school. Year-round schools provide both students and teachers with many benefits during the long school hours. Close studies by, a website dedicated to researching educational programs, “shows when students attend the year-round school schedule, they are able to regenerate more frequently” ( Clearly showing that schools abiding to the method of year-round education will have higher attendance rates, and more engaged students. However, some might say that “[students] might become overwhelmed with the seemingly endless cycle of year round school or struggle with focus each time classes resume” ( Allowing for students to become tired, leading to
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