Year Round School

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It does not matter which side you are on there are opponents to each side. I think school should be year round because if kids are going to school year it is more likely that they will remember the information they learned in school, instead of forgetting most of it over the summer. School should be year round so that students would not have to relearn information they already know, and what the expectations. I think it should be year round because I believe that it would make students smarter over the years, because they would have more time to acquire more information and students would not lose any information they learned during school year. Student would be able to socialize with their friends a lot also. This socialization is necessary for the social development of the child. School should be year round because some students love being around there favorites teachers. They learn so much from this rich environment that is not written in the textbooks. If school should be year round, students will like school more than playing video games. Parents will enjoy this because they will have time to get things done while there students are at school having fun with their teacher and friends. The argument for year round school is in school you can socialize more with other kids, races, cultures, or just other people. This will help to develop a…
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