Year-Round Schooling Benefits

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A 3 month summer vacation may sound great, but in reality it doesn’t live up to the hype. Ironically, students are given this large vacation time, but it forces working parents to take time off when they have no other available supervision resources. Often times, they even have to come out of pocket every month, or commonly even every week, just to put their children in safe programs, camps, and clubs. Although when thinking of summer break, you generally foresee younger kids who cannot watch themselves. This doesn’t necessarily apply to teenagers, but year-round schooling is balanced wisely and offers more breaks periodically, which arguably benefits everything; benefits toward all sides of the spectrum, moreover from Financials, parental…show more content…
Of course households on the wealthier side of the spectrum are able to afford summer camps, clubs, and babysitters; those low income families recurrently have no other choices than to leave their children unattended over break while they work. Most of the benefit is from the fact that they’re given brief breaks, which helps children retain information more agile, and keeps troublesome kids out of trouble and in books and off the streets. Both of these school schedules have the same amount of school days, year-round just follows the 45 - 15 schedule throughout all of the 180 days of…show more content…
Additionally, teachers who work in year-round schools report that they believe it is a positive experience for them and their students. Also, they've reported that they receive a break when they utmost need it. However, as to this, year-round schools have lower staff turnover rates , and allows teachers to obtain the workdays needed during grading periods. Markedly, students, even parents, have positive outlooks on year-round schooling by reason of the frequent breaks, giving them time to rejuvenate and be prepared when they return back to school. Remediation is especially significant when it comes to children retaining knowledge. Year-round schooling allows for remediation to occur periodically over the course of a school year, rather than just 3 months of summer break, which in reality most kids aren't doing anything school related. For example, that 45 - 15 day schedule that year-round follows, allows teachers to offer "mini summer school" classes for students who've been struggling, which helps them get caught up by the end of a condensed break and ready to get back on track once school starts up again. Ultimately, this is why most students who attend a year-round school perform higher academically. Also, many schools who practice this schedule, offer enrichment programs during on and off time periods throughout the year to help children to remediate on
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