Year Round Schooling Is Not The Same Length

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Year round schooling is a topic that is being discussed in schools everywhere in the world today. (1) Many schools within the country wish to enroll themselves in year-round schooling in the upcoming years. (1) Though many wish to switch to this year round schedule, many others disprove of the idea. A large amount of surveyed people in studies shows that the school year should remain the same length.
While reading this paper, the thought may come to mind of, “What exactly is year round schooling?” Year round schooling is exactly what it sounds like. Year round schooling is schooling in which students attend school all year long without the two month summer break in between each school year. (3) Though year round schooling doesn’t seem all that bad, there are many benefits and falls that accompanies it. Year-round schooling (YRS) has been present from the 1900s. YRS first appeared in urban areas, because they were not tied to the agriculture cycle. The first towns that implemented YRS were Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Buffalo, and Detroit. These towns had schools sessions for 48 or more weeks at a time. The types of school schedules that were used were the 12-1 (12 weeks in school with 1 week break between the 12 weeks, which was more popular) and 12-4 (4 weeks off in August and school ran continuous after). The first summer school was introduced in 1865 at the First Church of Boston, MA. In 1916 there would be 200 elementary schools offering summer school.…
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