Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

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1. This books main character is Anna and she is faced with many obstacles while she strives to save lives and keep herself healthy at the same time. She is a housemaid and a widow that is stuck on her own trying to heal many people. The main event is the bubonic plague which turns an entire city upside down in fear, sorrow, and hatred. Anna has to deal with many different people accusing her of wrong doing to benefit herself or somebody else in letting somebody die. 2. Anna can persevere through seeing people she was helping survive yesterday, die today. This is the biggest trait that is needed to survive as healthy as you can; doing what Anna does day by day. If Anna couldn’t push through what she does she would be stuck to dwell on the death of somebody she knew, and would be of no help to anybody else. 3. Anna learns that she can’t trust anybody and when she does it comes back to make her regret it. While being strong before going in and meeting somebody as they are doing may be harder than anything else in somebody else’s life, in Anna’s it’s just the beginning of what she has ahead. She may be with this person for 3 days or for 2 weeks before they pass and she then has to deal with the loss and move on to the next one. 4. When this book is set, the plague was thought to have been caused by witches and not by bacteria that was very contagious, and caught from rats coming from the Netherlands. This thought process of witches causing the plague brought up a trend of
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