Yearbook Picture Day In High School

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Everyone knows the most important event in high school is yearbook picture day. Your hair is done, you have on makeup if you wear it, and your uniform is clean and ironed wrinkle free ;it's literally the best day ever. Pictures are taken in August and you have to wait until March to receive year books. Administration feeds off of student anxiety and laughs at their impatience because they know how significant this day is for us. The entire school year is filled with high tension because no one knows how their picture came out. The horror! It's truly sad because society gives girls the idea that image is everything. That you have to be skinny, you have to have perfect skin, you can't eat with your feet. The school year seems to go on forever until the day, March 20, arrives. There's no more turning back now. The day is finally here to receive yearbooks. You can understand the amount of anxiousness floating around campus. This small 8x10 picture will determine how you will be classified the next school year. The yearbooks are passed out to your homeroom teachers from students in the publications class and she calls everyone's name in alphabetical order for you to get your book. It's my turn as I open it I proceed to turn to the sophomore class section. I look over the pages hundreds of times in…show more content…
He politely declines my plea to redo all of the yearbooks. In sadness but perseverance I go to the principal hoping that he of all people would understand my dilemma. To maybe give him an idea of the life ruining event I said, " what if you were in the yearbook as a janitor even though the entire world knows you are in fact the principal and I am in fact a sophomore not a scared little freshman." I waited in fear of his response. He too declined my idea of redoing all of the yearbooks as
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