Yellow Journalism In The Early 1900s

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In the early 1900s American journalism began to change before everyone's eyes. Muckrakers, or journalists that exaggerated and denounced the truth behind government and business organizations, began to appear in newspapers and magazines across the nation. It seemed as though that exposing the government for the lies they told became one of the biggest fads of the 1900s. A muckraker’s form of writing is considered to be yellow journalism, or the exaggeration of events taking place in the world. This form of writing was meant to stir up opinions and cause controversy between individuals in the nation, and stir up controversy it did.
A few years later in 1906 a man named Upton Sinclair, a very popular muckraker, published a book called The Jungle, which focused on the style of yellow journalism. In that book, Sinclair described
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Within these two popular news channels, stories and changes within the government are altered to fit the watcher’s views. While Fox News focuses on the more conservative points of view of the public, CNN places their informative stories in a more Liberal light. Fox news tends to report stories in a one-sided viewpoint, which creates a lack of space for viewers to establish an opinion of their own. CNN reports their stories in more of a broad spectrum and positive light, which allows its viewers to gain more of a perspective in problems that are persisting in today’s society. I believe that, out of Fox News and CNN, Fox News displays the most of muckraking today because it only provides one side of the story, with only personal opinions as their proof. In the past, muckraking was meant to be more a informative style of journalism but as the years went by, many people use yellow journalism as a form of entertainment and way to make money; this journalism has seemed to emerge in other ways and slowly disappear in
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