Yellow Tail Wines Blue Ocean Strategy Case Study Essay

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Yellow Tail Wines Blue ocean strategy case study. Introduction Thesis Statement The wine industry has over the years focused on producing highly priced products that have in turn slowed down the uptake of wines as compared to other alcoholic drinks. In the US market, wine has always painted a picture of intimidation and those taking it presumed pretentious. Competition for sophistication and association of wine with class or rare occasions also contributed to the slow uptake of wine. The high cost of strong wine brands that were supported by huge investments that produced sophisticated outlook contributed largely to painting the expensive picture about wines. However, the ball changed in the beginning of the 2000s when Yellow Tail Wines Company came up with a game changing brand that redefined the wine marker and changed the industry and mindsets about wine to an enjoyable experience for everyone. The change from a low profile single family owned business with a handful of wines too show entered market the teaming up with another family to wade the American blue ocean wine market rather than the traditional competitive market to rise up as one of the leading wine manufacturers in the world. The blue market which is a previously unknown market with little r no competition created the potential that Yellow Tail Wines company required to be propelled to the league of world’s top wine players. Company History Yellow Tail range of wines is one of the fastest growing imported

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