Yellow Wallpaper Theme

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Whilst reading “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman both in class and on an individual level, two themes can be identified with staggering, distinct characteristics in the story. Out of the two themes identified, the most prominent in the story was confinement, as well as freedom from confinement. This theme will be further analyzed and discussed in detail. To begin with, this short story is set in a country home rented by the narrator and her husband John. John rents this home for the summer as some sort of a retreat, in hopes that Jane, his wife, whom is also the narrator, may become better from the condition that she suffers from (Treichler, 61). This condition in the story is simply known as severe depression, and is treated by John, as he is also her doctor (Mays, 478). John believes that she is not mentally capable enough to make…show more content…
However, without John’s knowledge, the narrator keeps a journal to keep an account of her condition, as well as her feelings. Upon their arrival to the home, he brings her to the room all the way up on the top of the house. This room is quite small, but it was enough to keep her in there. There were drafty windows on the wall that had bars attached, as to keep someone inside of an insane asylum. To her dismay, the narrator is forced to stay isolated in this room the entire stay since John wishes for her to not wander around. She attempts to make it more comfortable, but she cannot help but notice the yellow wallpaper that encased the walls which led her to feel confined in a prison. During her stay in the room, her obsession with the wallpaper begins to grow gradually inside of her. This is seen in the story as she writes about John, the room, and mainly about the wallpaper. She complains about John’s belittling of her thoughts and how he is worried about
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