Yellowstone National Park Essay

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It was 74000 B.C. The current “human” population (Modern humans hadn’t arrived yet) was around one million, and most of them dwelled in the African and European parts of the planet. One day, there was a loud sound which was to circulate the entire planet thrice. The mighty Toba Supervolcano had blown up, reaching the final level 8 of the Volcanic Explosivity Index, releasing around 2800 cubic kilometers or 700 cubic miles of lava, ash, and dust straight into the atmosphere. To put this into perspective, this colossal amount of material can bury the entire state of North Carolina in eighteen meters of lava. The location of the site from nearest major civilization was more than 3500 miles. Notwithstanding, the power of the volcanic eruption…show more content…
Yellowstone has 1200 cubic miles of molten rocks, which is substantially greater than Toba’s stockpile. To add to this, the lower part of the chamber has another 11,000 cubic miles of the same object and overpowers any known eruption by more than one order of magnitude. Evidently, this amount could easily account for the most powerful volcanic explosion, if it were to happen today, the solar system has ever witnessed. It would reduce the global temperatures by more than twenty-one degrees for at least six decades. To compare this to Toba, if Toba could plummet the state of North Carolina in eighteen meters of magma, this volcano has enough amount to bury the state in nearly four hundred meters of the same. In addition to this, it has been predicted that if the current rate continues, Yellowstone could erupt within a few decades, a century at most, and this has concerned scientists. Due to all these factors, NASA plans to dig a five-mile deep hole and try to cool the bubbling beast by constantly supplying water into the hole. The plan is being supported and funded by people throughout the world as it will be multifunctional. Not only does NASA wishes to save humanity from doom, it also plans to use the generated heat to run the thermal powerplants. In theory, this type of source could power the entire planet for decades. However, there are serious loopholes in the entire plan; the most concerning among them being that this hole could also be
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