Yellowstone National Park Essay

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Yellowstone National Park has some of the most beautiful and exiting things to do. It has some of the most interesting Facts. Wyoming has some of the most beautiful streams, geysers, and mountains in the US. There are some really neat things about Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park is Service and a favorite to millions of visitors each year. The park is a major stop to have a good vacation. By driving we could view the park from the comfort of our vehicle and also take a rest at one of the many roadside picnic areas. The park has thousands of miles of trails. Lewis and Clark were the first whites to explore the Yellowstone region among them was one of the most celebrated hunter and woodsman of that period, John Colter. The expedition was in 1908, Colter came back to the Yellowstone and traps this region and in doing this he became the first white visitor to what is now Yellowstone National Park. His return, his "tales" were so unbelievable that no author or mapmaker would publish it for fear of this amongst their friends. In the latter part of 1840 the fur trade was coming to an end. The trappers who remained in the region adapted and among them was the trapper, Jim Bridger. Bridger, new the fur trade was over and became a guide, scout and legendary story teller. His knowledge of what is now Yellowstone National in the park he became the first "geographer" of the region and was the person to guide Capt. W.F Reynolds including Dr. Ferdinand Hayden…