Yemen's Water Crisis and the Pending Destabilization

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Yemen’s Water Crisis and the Pending Destabilization
The country of Yemen is on the verge of imploding due to a water crisis. When the water runs out Yemen will destabilize and with it the entire Horn of Africa (HOA). The United States has many ongoing militaristic, economic, and diplomatic interests in the HOA. In order for the Horn of Africa to remain stable the United States needs to take a different approach with its humanitarian efforts in Yemen, utilizing the full support of the military. If delivery and implementation of humanitarian aid are not planned and coordinated with full military operational support the process will be doomed, as so many humanitarian efforts have been in the past. Specifically if the water crisis in Yemen is not addressed it will destabilize the country causing increased violent extremist activity and civil unrest. Without water for its people the Yemeni government will be weakened allowing militant Islamic groups to regain power within Yemen and the HOA, ultimately threatening the United States Homeland.
Look no further than the recent conflict in Syria as a prime example. Francesco Femia and Caitlin Werell, co-founders of the think tank Center for Climate and Security believe a severe drought contributed to the conflict in Syria. A mismanagement of natural resources, and a heavy reliance on water intensive crops compounded the effects of the drought. They believe the huge migration of farmers from rural to urban areas spurred the

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