Yes, I am aware this is a Contradiction

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I believe that the Broncos are going to own this football season. Yes, I believe that, but that’s not my main belief. Could I go on and on for pages and pages on that belief? You bet I could, but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to tell you why I believe I shouldn’t have to write this essay. The number one reason why I believe I shouldn’t have to write this $#$#1$#$# is that I’m not in school, which means that I don’t want to do anything that is work related. I just want to sit on my butt, watch movies, be obnoxious, and maybe improve my nonexistent Call of Duty skills. Video games and I don’t really get along, in fact, besides for Guitar Hero, we never have. Instead of wasting my time here, I want to go and obliterate some aliens or…show more content…
Following that we had reason number two: I’ve already done this essay before. So that indeed puts us at number three. Reason number three: I am a girl of many beliefs and therefore should not be forced to simply choose one AGAIN. Remember, I’ve had to make the decision of what belief to write about many times before, and I nearly yanked my hair out every time. This time I’m calling it quits. I refuse to make a decision, and I refuse to write this essay. So let me perish in the flames of failure, or in simpler terms let me fail, but forcing an indecisive girl like myself to make a decision such as this is just plain barbaric. Welcome to the world of reason number four. Yes, that’s right, I actually have more than three reasons to support my argument. I bet I would make a decent lawyer. It’s too bad the world will be denied my arguing skills, because that’s absolutely NOT the career path I choose to take. I’ll stick to my original plans, thank you very much. I would tell you, but that is not part of my argument and would only detract from the seriousness and importance of my point. Reason number four is that all of my beliefs really are simple. They shouldn’t take much explaining. In fact, I don’t know how I managed to write all of those previous essays. If I remember right, there was a good amount of me adding a bunch of things that didn’t need to be in there, in short they were completely filled with redundancy. These essays were very much like Stephenie
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